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Is your job killing you?

What’s the problem?

You feel unappreciated.
Your appraisal left you feeling low.
Your in-tray keeps growing by the day.
And let’s not even start talking about your inbox!

Enough said.

Here are 3 Smart Things you must do,
to begin enjoying work again.

1.  The Power of 2

What 2 things must you accomplish today?

Decide what they are.
Then do it, starting with the tiresome one first.

2.  Take your breaks

If you are working flat out,
no wonder you are so stressed out.

Take a walk.  Stretch.  Go wash your face.
Take a soothing 15-minute nap in the boardroom.

Whatever you do, do not work during your breaks.
Rejuvenate.  Recharge.

3.  Increase your laugh quotient

It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine.

Find something to smile about, genuinely.
Better still, laugh … and laugh out loud.

Happy hormones will flood your internal
system and take you to a place of rest.


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