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“All our dreams can come true –
if we have the courage
to pursue them.”

Walt Disney

Ponder these scenarios …

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Mark has no idea that he is being laid off the week before Christmas this year.  The middle-level manager is, in fact, on top of the world having recently been celebrated at a company-wide event for his sterling performance!  He has, however, proven to be too expensive for his company and his role is being written out of the organogram.  Redundancy is a few weeks away.

Janet received her 3-month notice for contract termination in October.  This is her 5th contract that’s ending and she is not too sure what will happen, after that.  The school fees obligation for next year hangs ominously over her head.

image of question mark - redAmani’s uncertain what 2014 will bring, as donor funds into his NGO are drying up.  Differences between board members has ensured fundraising efforts have borne no fruit, and salaries for the past 2 months have not been paid.  The situation is rapidly becoming untenable.

Tom is in his 25th year of employment, and he is dreading returning to work after the new year.  Just thinking about coming back to his desk on the 2nd day of January next year, spikes his blood pressure to headache inducing levels.

We are often amazed by the speed at which people’s lives are decided in the “corridors of power”.  Often, the shoulder nudge from the top executive, at the mention of your name, puts that nail firmly in your employment coffin.  But is facing an impending retirement always doom and gloom?

If you are facing redundancy, by default or by design, then this article was written for you. Here is your 6-point checklist to beginning your new season of life, with fresh energy!

1.       Cashflow: What do you get, when you leave?  Have a talk with your manager, a trusted colleague, the pension manager, a human resource expert, a lawyer, and whoever else may have useful, pertinent information or experience, and write down what you hear. This advice will come in handy.

2.       You, the diamond: Who are you, outside of what you do?  Isn’t it refreshing to know that God did not create a banker, a doctor or a lawyer?  He created you.  Your talents are not 1-dimensional.  You are not an empty person – and that’s a fact! Take an optimistic look at what you are naturally good at, and begin to ponder the possibilities.

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3.       Talent activation: What do you have, that the world needs?  Work, after all, is simply your talents activated in service to others.  The expression of what you do, may vary.  But the reason you do it, by and large, remains the same.  What is your reason for being?  Take time out to look at the you, that is packed with more goodness than a box of cereal!

4.       Your Mastermind Group: Do you have people who can guide or redirect you – in your spiritual strengthening? your exercise regime? your business ideas?  your property investment dreams? your parenting style? and so on.  Find new friends.

5.       Clean up: What do you need to get rid off?  Take a fresh look at your phonebook.  Do these people lift you up, inspire you, or bring you down with their heavy criticism, scepticism and lack of courage?  Take a fresh look at your home.  Are you hanging on to the past too much?  Clear your clutter, and make room for new tomorrows.  Take a fresh look at yourself.  Is it time to get rid of the pot belly? trim your hair differently? or simplify your wardrobe?

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6.       Learn, starting now: When did you last renew your mind? As you approach your new life, you will need new information. Experiential seminars and workshops that motivate, equip and inspire you to action, are some programs to invest in.  Read books for where you are going – these are literary mentors who will be available 24/7 to help guide you in your new season.  If you need to improve your speaking confidence, invest with less stress, hone your presentation skills, or learn how to dress for your target market … there are classes in Nairobi for all this and more.  Diarise, attend and then, just do it!

Whether you wish to start looking for work again, or to begin your new life as an entrepreneur, the points above will help you begin re-designing your life, for where you want to go.

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