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Welcome to the start of a New Year!

We hope that you are feeling the freshness of January, and have taken some time to de-clutter not just your closets, drawers and homes, but also your mind.

If you have not already done so, determine now not to carry forward some bad habits of yesteryears.

Here are 5 tips that can help you be more active and effective this year, whether you are scratching the bottom of your corporate food chain, or leading the pack in a chief executive role.

1. Start your day right

First thing in the morning, do you dash straight to your email, and proceed to systematically react to everyone else’s agenda, hyper-ventilating as you go along? Or do you approach your day knowing the big ticket items that need to be dealt with, that day?

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Here are some habits you can introduce to the start of your day and bring back sanity to your life. Wake up early so your morning routine is less rushed. Meditate on the Word, hydrate & nourish your body. It is a fact that a fully functioning body performs optimally.

2. Who do people say you are?

This year, watch for the signals you are constantly sending out to your team or those around you. What are your non-verbals saying, that is, your body language.  Are you expressing confidence, certainty and reliability?

Check in with your family and colleagues and ask this simple test question: “What one thing should I work on this month, to improve how I relate with you?” Then, listen and take note.

3. Becoming

They say that life is about becoming a better person. A big part of achieving more and accomplishing your chosen goals, is becoming a better you. In which specific way will you have become a better person, as we roll around to another Christmas season?

One excellent way to start is to be TPR proof – that is, Take Personal Responsibility, for your actions and results.

4. Your spoken word

Words can instruct, inspire, educate, guide, encourage, motivate, strengthen, heal.  What do your words do?

At WDS Africa, we believe it never hurts to continually improve your communication skills.  So this year, take a course, a seminar or a private one-on-one session to see how best to articulate not just your organisation’s goals, but also the value you bring to the team around you.

Last, but not least …

5. Dare to hope


It’s too easy to get cynical is this busy world of ours. Cynicism is, however, evidence of shrivelled hope. This year, it may be time to dare to hope.  We all need a little more faith, hope and love in our lives. Once you choose hope, things become possible and the seed you hide with hope in the ground will produce a harvest of amazing results, in due time!

We at WDS Africa thank you for being a part of our last year and we look forward to helping you achieve your personal and professional objectives in this new year.



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