“All our dreams can come true –
if we have the courage

to pursue them.”
Walt Disney

Let’s face it, January is over and here comes February. Does it feel more like last year is continuing or are you truly onto a fresh start?

Some of you have shifted into new roles that you feel ill-prepared for.  There you were, busy doing your best in your single person role, now you have to manage a whole team of 3?! Shock, horror, anxiety, sleepless nights and the constant self-talk are sapping your juice.

Others have since received those dreaded white envelopes.  You know? The ones that hide that deep, awful secret – that your services are no longer required. Misery, loss of appetite, self-doubt and lost confidence grip your every breath. “Oh, how do I fill my days? What will I do?”

If you are not too happy with how the last 31 days have turned out, here is our short list to moving forward stronger.


1. If fired or retired – Thank God for the break!

The upside

Fact. It is true that if it were not for your white envelope, you would still be working at that frustrating job, in that toxic environment, reporting to that stressed boss and dealing with numerous tasks you lost passion in executing, a long time ago. So now you are free.  What next? Enjoy the break.  It’s time to slow down your day and begin to actually hear the birds singing (or did you not know there were even birds around you?).

Withdrawal symptoms

It is also a fact that while you were at work, your pace of life was much faster and as a result, your body got hooked to a self-made drug, adrenaline. This is the hormone responsible for sharpening your decision-making abilities under pressure, for helping you deal with a million little things at once, all the while planning for the next hundred tasks to accomplish. This is the drug that makes your heart beat faster, gives you shortness of breath and makes your skin flush (you actually glow!)

This is also the drug that dulls your nerve receptors so that you don’t feel pain. In fact, you might get home and, upon looking at your finger, wonder: “How and when did I cut my finger?” (We can see your heads nodding, so clearly, we have all been adrenaline junkies at some point in time.) This is also the drug that heightens your senses – your vision gets sharper, your hearing clearer and your speech, though accelerated, is delivered with amazing clarity.

The fact that you are now living life at a slower pace, will cause less adrenaline production. This comes with its own set of problems, as it is much like getting off drug addiction. You may experience chemical depression, some deep sense of loss, identity crisis and much more.  We get into this at deeper levels next month so, for now, simply know that what you are going through is absolutely normal. And, with help, you will make most of this season.

2. If tired – Evaluate the HOW

So, really, what exactly is bothering you?

If you are bored and you know how to become un-bored, why are you not doing what needs to be done?  Go beyond simply asking: Why this, and why that? The deeper question is a matter of execution; of follow-through on your plan.  Should you need some kind of accountability partner with solid experience in helping others move from where they are, to the next season in life, then get busy and look for one you can connect with.

The reason why we don’t do what we know we ought to do – wait for it – is that they are no consequences! And that’s the plain truth in black and white. An accountability partner, or execution coach, will help you navigate this path.  So evaluate the HOW of how you reach for your goals.

3. Finally – Re-brand

One Client put it marvellously: “Out with the old! In with the new!”

However, by re-branding, we don’t mean rush out and buy a new wardrobe, or start talking differently.  We simply mean reconnect with the YOU that is wonderfully and fearfully made – crafted for a higher purpose, in service to yourself and those around you.

YOU have a unique mix of talents, aspirations, competencies, knowledge, experiences and ideas – and it is eye-opening to finally begin to understand how this powerhouse, called YOU, can bring profit without loss in passion, to yourself and those around you.


Beginning a new season in life, no doubt, is one of the most stressful experiences one can go through. With structured help from seasoned professionals, we believe that your walk can be made easier.

It may be time, to make the most of where you ARE. Even as you reach for where you want to be.

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