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“The world owes you nothing, it was here first.”

Mark Twain

Too often, too many times a day, we are caught up in the he-did-to-me-so-I’ll-do-to-him maddening game. Our whole working day boils down into a reactive mess, stinking from the bitterness stewing in our hearts, and blinding us from seeing the amazing gift we were given that morning.

That is, the opportunity to enjoy a fresh day, free from yesterday’s actions and interruptions. A blank slate on which to write our most poignant experiences. A God-given chance to once again serve using the talents He knows he jam-packed into us.

So why are we so focussed on not being our best, right where we are?

“But they should appreciate me more.”

“This place is dry, bone dry. And me, I don’t do politics.”

We could, indeed, come up with all manner of excuses and valid reasons of why we feel stuck in our current circumstances. Yet, when it’s all said and done, it is better done than said.

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What have you done lately to have a better day?

What have you done lately to have a better year?

What have you done lately to become a better person?


Forgiving is hard. Moving on, even harder. Yet, we must reach our aspirations – those hopes and dreams that we’ve tucked away inside hoping against hope, that they can come true someday. But, with the same breath, fearing to even believe that they can be true. So we keep our thoughts of our better tomorrows hidden away; and we dismissively declare that “This is real life”.

What is real life?

Really, what do you want your life to look like – next month, next year?

Only you know what’s important to you. So, we encourage you to take time out soon, and begin to chart out what you want in 2015, and better still, do this thinking in 2014, well before the year ends.

Feel free in 2015

Leave disappointment behind. Reach out for amazing experiences. Begin to know the amazing you! And get closer to where you want to be.

Enjoy these 5 grown-up strategies, for taking back control of your career.

  1. Make time for you
  2. Learn to have difficult conversations, gracefully
  3. Manage your boss
  4. Improve your colleagues’ perceptions of you
  5. Learn to face rejection, repeatedly and thrive

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Do something. Do it today.