PLUS a positive way forward if you have been retrenched 

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Well done!

So now you have your upgraded CV.

We are often stumped by what we should do, now that we have a “new” CV. We enjoy looking at the document, scrolling endlessly up and down it, and smiling with glee to ourselves.

Indeed, we want the whole world to see our amazing work, brought to life from an over-pecked keyboard, and swaddled in happiness, as we feel ready to conquer the world!

QUESTION: Who should get your upgraded CV?

Here is a short list to consider, with some reasons attached. Review our bullet points, then decide for yourself.

Whatever you choose to do, realise that a whole world is waiting for your unique set of skills, competencies and personality.  There is a team yearning for exactly what you have to offer.  You owe it to yourself to glance outside the window and dream. Then, dare to step out or step up.


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SEND TO #1. Your current boss, if you are:-

– seeking more pay

– seeking more responsibility

– or want your job re-evaluated, meaning that what you do at work has either become more complex over the years or a new job description is in order, simply because your daily activities have changed.

To be clear, if your boss had to replace you, what kind of job vacancy would he advertise? How does that compare to what your job description actually says? Is there a difference? If the difference is significant, send your boss your CV Upgrade PLUS your updated job description.

We often are so busy working that we don’t realise our job has “grown”. The onus is on you to raise this alert. Your CV Upgrade will definitely come in handy, as an attachment to your internal memo. And, let’s be real, it will be a great surprise (or is it shock?) to see how well you’ve articulated your GROWTH.

So arise from your workstation. No more hiding behind your in-tray. Increase your visibility by walking about – with your head held high!

You are valuable to your team.

Behave like a valuable member.


SEND TO #2. Your referees

Are you guilty of having referees on your CV whom you don’t keep in touch with? In fact, when they see your name on an incoming call, they know you are on job-hunting mode. Ouch!

Mmmh, looks like you’re just using them, doesn’t it? Perception, after all, is reality. And who wants to promote a user?

While we cover this topic in depth in our coaching programs, do note that anyone whom you call “referee” should benefit from having your CV Upgrade PLUS more frequent conversations around industry specific matters.

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Others to whom your CV Upgrade should be sent, include –


SEND TO #3. Your former work colleagues (if you have been retrenched). If you’re still in active employment, send it to your former places of work – former managers and your cheerleaders at work. That is, those individuals who always found a moment to encourage you, inspire you or simply, just walk with you.


SEND TO #4. Your board, committee or any working group that you sit in or are a member of.


SEND TO #5. Online social media & career platforms


SEND TO #6. Any big Clients whom you have served lately,


SEND TO #7. Your family & selected friends.


Job loss

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This year alone, thousands of employees have been released into the space beyond their desk – a space they know little about, as their days were spent buried under heaps of pending work, at the grindstone.

They have left –

– Co-operative Bank of Kenya

– Enablis East Africa

– Kenya Shell

– Heritage Insurance

– Nestle

– KEMRI/CDC (488 staff were given 1 month’s notice)

– Barclays Bank of Kenya

– Several hotels at the coast

– A number of manufacturing concerns closed down in Industrial Area

and the list keeps growing week, after week.


Is this you?

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Why not see the truth of the matter? That you have been released into open sky. In fact, had you not outgrown that role? The only useless thing about your situation is that you use less of your time in the office activity you became accustomed to. This comes with a whole host of withdrawal symptoms that you can proactively deal with – with the right support.

While we do offer telephone support services to transition through this successfully, the one point we would like to emphasize is this –

Now, is not the time to wallow in pity or rejoice in your golden handshake. Now, is the time to buckle down and chart out your next season, beginning with your personal profile and upgraded CV.

Focussing your mind on this activity, will help keep your mental energy UP.


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QUESTION: What does “sending” mean?

– Email

– Text

– Call

– Face-to-face meeting

Basically, use a mix of the above communication methods to clearly pass the message that you are in the market for certain roles. Communicate with clarity & enthusiasm.


Finally, when it comes to active job search, either GO HARD or GO HOME. You must engage in DIFFERENT activity, to get DIFFERENT results.

Are you ready for more?

We look forward to working with you in the coming year.


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