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When was the last time you interviewed?

It’s surprising how quickly we lose the skill of talking about ourselves (unless, of course, it’s late in the evening with a beer in hand)!

In this article, we cover interviewing tips, in general, and those seeking new opportunities now and next year, will greatly benefit from internalising the 5 tips below.


TIP #1

The laid-back trend of simply answering questions and then exiting the room as fast as possible, just will not hold water in this day and age. You will need to put your best foot forward.

The best question to ask at an interview: “What do I need to do, to get the job?”

Stand out from the crowd with this understated but bold question. It’s another way of “asking for the order” and coming across as someone who gets the job done.

Set yourself apart.

Ask for the order.


TIP #2

Next best question: “When can we get together again?”

This is a more casual, conversational and non-pressurising way of asking when next you get to interview. Remember, recruiting the best person for the job may require that the company has more than 1 session with you.

Your tone should not be too serious when asking this question. Use charm and some personality – you have one!

TIP #3

Get your 3-4 stories right and use them to demonstrate how you will meet your potential employer’s needs or demonstrate your effectiveness in your current role.

Stories demonstrate your qualities and your successes.

How do you tell your story?

Well, there are techniques we use and encourage our Clients to internalise. These sessions are practical, and you leave more confident that when you arrived? Need a taster session on Interviewing Skills?  Let us know here.

“An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox.”

~ Lao Tzu

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TIP #4

Another great question: “Are you going to recommend me?”

If interviewing is a bit like dating, then this question is a bit like sticking your neck out and asking for a repeat date. Ouch! Be ready for any of two answers – either Yes, or No.

In addition, watch out for the spoken & unspoken answers and respond accordingly.

TIP #5

When it comes to answering questions around your CV, take time to discern and answer the “so-what” factor about your past.

The truth is, no one cares about what you did – that’s history. They are truly concerned about how you can help them alleviate their pain now & going forward.

The best way to express yourself?

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Use the F-A-B technique to talk about your F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S self.

  • Features
  • Advantages
  • Benefits

We cover examples and specifics in our practical sessions, so get talking to us today.

So bear this in mind, as they ask you the following  questions. They want answers that can give them a clue about how you’re likely to respond in the future:

“Give me a specific example of a time when …”

“Describe your experience with ….”

How do you craft your answer?

There is a certain structure we give our Clients to help them embrace their uniqueness, regardless of the interview question asked. The structure also allows you to remove your nervousness. Also, should you have forgotten your points, the structure itself is a trigger of how to begin answering the question.

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In future posts, we’ll cover the worst conversation styles to exhibit in an interviewing situation.



To your success!