If getting up in the morning is a grind, here are the 5 bullet points to reconnect with – starting tomorrow morning.

  1. Have a plan
  2. Feed your mind & spirit
  3. Move your body
  4. Feed your body
  5. Check your email last

Let’s take it from the top.

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Have a plan

Do you know what you’re hoping to accomplish today? This is a trick question. Why? Because having a plan for today, begins the night before.

So before retiring for the night, figure out the 2 big things you want to accomplish and SEE these things being completed. It is said that faith comes by hearing. So what are you “hearing”, what are you “seeing”, in your mind’s eye?

See into tomorrow, today – just before you sleep.

Feed your mind & spirit

This could mean spending time connecting with your Creator. Who gives you energy, when your energy is gone? This could mean meditating on God’s word.

It could also involve reading a chapter of a book, listening to an inspirational CD. This is not the time to turn on the news and listen to how many bombs exploded somewhere in the world. That kind of news can wait at least, another hour!

Move your body

There’s a ton of research to prove that our chairs are killing us! Think about it. If your occupation requires you to sit at a workstation, how often do you really move your different body parts?

Is it any wonder we have niggling pains in places we did not know exist?

Moving our bodies will save us the added stress of ill-health due to avoidable circumstances. So hit the ground and belt out some push-ups. Put on your favourite music and work up a sweat. Or tone it down and do some gentle stretches.

As you move, connect with each muscle. It’s not a mechanical activity you’re getting into. It’s an intentional act to get this vessel ready for its daily journey.


Feed your body

Talk to three different nutritionists and you will get three different pieces of advice about how you should start your day. At WDS Africa, we know that each Client is a unique individual. We have different metabolic rates and rhythms.

So whatever floats your boat, this is the bottom line – feed your body.

It’s not about taste, it’s about getting live nutrients that will enable your body to re-fuel itself. The rule of thumb is that if you have any sugar cravings around mid-morning, you probably need to re-look what you eat in the morning.

And, it goes without saying, stay well hydrated.

Check your email last

It’s incredulous how work has become about shuttling emails left-right-centre, rather than about doing the work itself. When it comes to emails, this is the key thing to remember – That email is someone else’s agenda for your day.

So look at it last, or at least, after having set your own priorities for the day.

To your success!

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