“All our dreams can come true –
if we have the courage

to pursue them.”
Walt Disney

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Hello, there

Imagine this year as an orange cut into quarters.

Quarter 1 (January to March) has just wound up, never to be experienced again.

Are you happy with the events of the year, so far?

Often times, the enthusiasm of the 1st week of the year peters out like the sound of raindrops at the end of a thunderstorm. I am sure you’re almost tempted to look back in time, pondering: “What on earth was I excited about?”

If this is where you are, do note that there is still a lot more juice
left in the remaining days of the year!

This is NOT the time to give up.

What have you faced?

Demotion, promotion, transfer? What?

Remember these few points, as you chart your next steps

image of glass of juice1

1. You are valuable

It’s quite rare to come across someone who has absolutely nothing to offer the world. If you are reading this, you are a glass FULL of talents, skills, expertise, competences and it would be prudent to make it your mission to find out who is thirsting for what you have.


2. Step into the sunshine

Depression: NOUN – severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy.

Avoid this by stepping out into the sunshine, literally. Wake up, and get out of the house. Connect with nature. Take a walk. Go for a jog. Come back home and take a shower.

Remember your Science classes? Sun rays come fully loaded with Vitamin D and release happy hormones into your system.  In fact, studies have shown that sustained lack of sunshine leads to SAD syndrome – yes, this is a real ailment! SAD = Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Google it.

3. Don’t rush into a job

image of woman thinking

If you have been fired, or retired, this could be a God-given opportunity to take stock of a few things in life.

What is the season telling you? What lessons have you learned up until now? What do you want, in your next season of life? Do you want to launch into an occupation that will hold significance as you pursue it daily, or do you simply want to pay your bills?

There are no right or wrong answers here.
Simply be true to yourself, and then act.

4. Reach out

image of woman with headacheOne of the downsides of suddenly finding yourself with ample time on your hands, is that you have absolutely NO IDEA how you are going to fill your days. Your bulging in-tray is no longer your focus; after all, it doesn’t exist anymore!
And neither does your hard-driving boss.

You are now back to life, that is, YOUR LIFE minus the distractions that filled your days. Busy-ness has come to an abrupt halt.

You will experience SOCIAL ISOLATION. Your phone will ring less and you may even pray to receive those annoying promotional calls from those telephone companies – you know, the ones who call you, just so that you can listen to that lady’s voice telling you what the latest offers are?

image of friends having coffee
Take out your diary and plan to meet at least 2 people each week, who can speak into your life and be a sounding board for any ideas and thoughts you may have.  Take notes. Seek out their views of you and where they see you going (career-wise). What personal strengths & attributes do they think you should monetize?

Share also, any dreams and aspirations you may have.  You just might be surprised how much people are willing to help, once they see how ready you are to listen.

5. Don’t walk alone

If you can, find someone who can keep you accountable to the tasks you want to accomplish.

A friend would be good.  A career coach, even better, as they are well-trained to see the unspoken and nudge you accordingly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It may be time, to make the most of where you ARE. Even as you reach for where you want to be.

Ignite Your Dreams! Transform Lives!


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