Although much has been said about procrastination, one thing remains clear … that unfinished business drains our energy!

This is so true, and on so many levels.

Have you heard of anxiety dreams? Yes, science has a name for everything.

Anxiety dreams are unpleasant dreams that are filled with great feelings of distress, foreboding, fear or apprehension. These are not nightmares. They are the kind of dreams that can start and stop, then start again – almost as though you were playing some invisible dvd in your brain.

Where do anxiety dreams come from?

In his book, “The Dreaming Brain”, Allan Hobson identifies a whole host of reasons that lead to anxiety during sleep. He develops the theory that anxiety dreams largely emanate from conflict, failure, personal trauma or incomplete tasks.

Let’s tackle the 4th theme … incomplete tasks, or unfinished business. This is the hallmark of procrastination. It can be something as simple as a wardrobe that needs to be de-cluttered or as complex as a home-improvement project that is yet to be completed, or the car that really needs to go to the garage, but somehow … hasn’t.

Today, we shall begin to share 5 practical strategies for dealing with procrastination in just 4 weeks.

Here goes.

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DAY 1 (today) – Get out a blank sheet of paper.

The size? Any A4 sheet of paper will do. Better still, a flipchart sheet of paper – to capture it ALL.

Starting at the centre of the paper, begin to download what’s on your mind. (Note: Do NOT start at the top as this will condition the brain to think in a linear order, thus, limiting the effectiveness of this process. Start at the centre and note down your points all over the sheet of paper, in a random manner.)

Helpful questions to ask: “What have I not finished? What is pending? What has been pending for eons? What’s bringing me down? What’s taking my energy south?”

These questions shall be helpful in drawing out all that you are storing in your head. Clearing your head is also a great strategy for your bed-time ritual.

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Keep this sheet of paper (or journal, if you prefer) by your bedside – together with a pen – and keep adding to it. Should you experience any anxiety as you sleep – wake up, sit upright and try and put down on paper what’s disturbing you in the simplest language possible.

The task is to write it down. It is NOT to fix it, or ponder about it, or categorise it. Let go of the analytical perfectionist in you. Embrace chaos just for a moment.

DAY 2, 3 – Repeat the above process for both DAY 2 and 3.

You may begin to notice that you either sleep for longer each night, or you have less and less to write about as the days go on. This is normal. Simply jog your memory using the helpful questions above. And begin to write again.

DAY 4, 5 – Go beyond you.

Build onto your list by asking those close to you what is pending from your end. This might seem counter-intuitive but it actually helps. How? It lets the other person know that you are now actively looking into the matter. It also alerts your brain to note that the pending matter affects another, therefore, giving it greater weight or priority.

So for Day 4 and 5, go beyond yourself and continue to build your list.

Day 6 – Remember your WHY.

Ask yourself: “Why do I want to embark on proactively dealing with procrastination?”

Find your WHY. For one person it may be that dealing with this malaise will restore their health and reduce their high blood pressure, for another it may be to just get a good night’s rest.

What’s yours?


Day 7 – Rest

Well done!

Reward yourself for a week of amazing progress and enter rest.

Here’s the soundbite:

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To your success!

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