So here we are, at the beginning of Week 2.

Now that you have downloaded ALL that’s on your mind, what’s the next step?

Why even bother about procrastination?

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Well…what we know for sure is that unfinished business is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry the depression disease! Leaving things undone for extended periods of time, leads to a feeling of overwhelm. Suddenly, the mole hill turns out to be a mountain (and you don’t know where the climbing ropes are … argh!)

At that point, you would rather start afresh, then even plan how to surmount it.

Take Bernard’s case, for example ….

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He had 4 full weeks to complete that end of year performance report on how their new brand was faring in the market. For some odd reason (blame it on his Twitter feed), he did not quite get around to doing anything about it – for the 1st week. “Ah, no problem,” he thought to himself, “I still have 3 weeks.”

Well, long story short – Week 2 was taken up by WhatsApp and Kim Kardashian’s biff with her sister’s estranged husband.

How did he account for Week 3? He can’t remember.

It’s now 5 working days to the deadline and Bernard is seeking help because he cannot even think – literally. He is drawing blanks. His direct reports submitted background data two weeks ago and in his current state of panic, he finds himself incapable of making sense of it all. Worse still, he’s taken to shouting at everyone in the office. His palms are sweaty. His breathing heavy. And it’s not pleasant being around him – it’s almost as if he’s spoiling for a fight. So everyone’s keeping a safe distance from him.

Sound familiar?

As we move on to Step #2 in dealing with procrastination, realise that you may remember 1 or more things you may have slipped your mind. How should you respond? Do not panic. Simply take your pen and add them to your list.

Now, let’s move on.

Here goes.

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Take a look at your Week #1 list.  What are your procrastination mosquitoes?

Is it finally dealing with that loan? Asking for that promotion? Finally planning that elusive family get-together? Or beginning a ministry of some sort? Or is it having that conversation with your growing tween?

Here’s what to do.

Realise that lists can overwhelm. So here are some facts to bear in mind.

The Rule of One

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As badly as you want everything sorted NOW, it is more effective to deal with one thing at a time.

D is for D-e-a-l with one thing at a time.

Be ruthless

Take a hard look at the items on the list and understand that sometimes you complete things by dropping them. If you don’t believe us, get a hold of the book entitled “Thrive” and have a look at what the founder of the Huffington Post, Ariana Huffington, finally learnt as her truths. One of them was, “you can do it by deleting it from your list.”

D is for D-e-l-e-t-e.

Approval seeking

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How much of what you need done, is all about buying love? or buying your way into others’ good books?

Yes, you DO need to keep up with the social circles … and with the professional circles … and with the church circles … and if there’s any time left, with the family …. exhausting, isn’t it?

D is for D-e-t-e-r-m-i-n-e   what’s important to you – your values.

Your truths

So now that you have had a look at some principles, distribute your to-do’s into 3 categories. Name your categories based on what’s important to you, in this life of yours.

Bernard’s list, for instance, was split into 3 pools –


Susan’s list was split as follows –


image of basketball

Kama’s list was split as follows –


Now, it’s your turn – pick 3 categories for your items. Think of your to-do items as basketballs and the categories as the hoops.

What hoops are you going to through your balls into?

D is for D-e-c-i-d-e now.

It’s got to be meaningful to you. Personal. True for you.

One size DOES NOT fit all. Each person will have their 3 unique hoops.

What are yours?



Reward yourself for a week of amazing progress and enter rest.

Here’s the soundbite:

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To your success!

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