Creating influence

Performance without Visibility = Non-performance


Let’s get radical for a moment.

This week we took the opportunity to walk some of our Senior Management clients through some equations that have a direct impact on their salary, their perceived influence and, subsequently, their ability to respond to conflict situations with authority and impact.

Below, we share two such equations.

Tell us what you think.


Have you seen these equations in your workplace?

Performance + Visibility = Higher pay, More influence, Better perks

Non-performance + Visibility = Higher pay, More influence, Better perks

Do you notice the paradox?


Corporate survival has become the latest spectator sport or, more accurately, the latest blood sport. We watch in amazement and, often times, in helplessness as leaders bazooka their faithful workers. Instead of highly engaged teams, the organisation becomes stifled with employees who can’t even breathe – the stress and pressure are palpable.

As you go through this, you wonder –

“Will this madness will ever end?”

“Should I just accept that in this economic battle to survive, there will be collateral damage?  Am I collateral damage?”

“Is poor leadership contagious? Will I become the people I hate?”

So may questions abound in your mind.

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Taking action

“GET  –  SPEAK  –  MEET”  Plan

Thankfully, the situation is NOT totally hopeless.  Begin to work on increasing your influencing skills at work. It’s time to do things differently. Specifically, take the following steps –

#1  GET

Get your private and discreet 10+ page report that evaluates 5 core areas that you must pay attention to, if you are interested in not only surviving, but also thriving in work and life. Click here to request your Individual Leadership Potential Report. The rates shall be automatically sent to your inbox, once you hit “submit”.

Note: You will also receive a BONUS self-development report with tips and strategies of how to play to your strengths.

This tangible outcome may just be what you need, to make the necessary changes in your life.


Should you need to discuss your report with one of our Career Consultants, simply inbox us at and we’ll send you the link to your telephone session. This will be a COMPLIMENTARY 15-20 minute call if held within two weeks of your Report date. Any bookings after this date shall be at cost (to be advised to registered Clients).

#3  MEET

Planning your career is NOT a group activity. It’s personal. Highly personal. So do things differently, and meet up with our team – we’ll see how to plug in and walk with you.

For Diaspora Clients – Note we conduct personalised career transitioning programs especially if you are relocating back home, via Skype.

For Local Clients – Note that we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, in person, to take the conversation forward.

Note: The applicable rates shall be advised as soon as Step #1 and #2 above are completed. We believe in a “no surprises” policy, ensuring you are able to make an informed decision every step of the way.

Specifically, we would love to share with you  PRACTICAL STRATEGIES – For increasing your daily influence at work. For understanding why the two equations present a paradox that exists in many workplaces and in life. Or you might prefer to take the conversation in a totally different direction.

We’re open.

More importantly, we’re ready to connect with you.


And now that we have your attention, why not take a moment now to upload your current CV here?

Let us know what you do in life.

Never walk alone.

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To your success!

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Gerald Walterfang is passionate about walking with his Clients – and has excelled at creating a safe space for senior executives to shelter in. Contact him if you would like structured support as you journey through life. Professional career & personal development, is just a click away.

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