Missed Week #1 of procrastination? We got you covered

This week we take a break from dealing with procrastination, to bring you something that needs that same level of attention.

Let’s deal with confrontation.

Here are the quick tips.
Try one.


When swimming in anger, do not speak.
Find a way to calm down.
Create distance between yourself and your aggressor.

Gather your facts.
Identify your allies.
Build your case – in point form.
If you can’t say it in 10 seconds, it’s too long.

Timing is everything.
Speak face-to-face with your aggressor.
If you need your ally present, give them enough notice.

For good order:
Confirm your conversation via email and the agreed next steps or lessons learned.
This is just the beginning.
The more you do this, the easier it becomes.


Truth is …

Life happens in conversations.
Become skilled at having different types of conversations.
If you have been avoiding confrontation and burying your head in the sand, it is time to look up.

If your aggressor is a work bully, you may need someone to help you practise.


And do it until you get the help you need.

Do something today, and grow.

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To your success!

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Gerald Walterfang is passionate about walking with his Clients – and has excelled at creating a safe space for senior executives to shelter in. Contact him if you would like structured support as you journey through life. Professional career & personal development, is just a click away.

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