Once in awhile, we come across such well written articles, that they need no introduction.

Successful people NEVER …

1. Return to what HASN’T worked.
2. Do anything that requires them to be someone THEY ARE NOT.
3. Try to CHANGE another person.
4. Believe they can please EVERYONE.


Successful people NEVER …

5. Choose SHORT-TERM comfort over long-term benefit.
6. Trust someone or something that appears FLAWLESS.
7. Take their eyes off the BIGGER PICTURE.
8. Neglect to do DUE DILIGENCE.
9. Fail to ASK why they are where they find themselves.

Successful people NEVER …

10. Forget that their  INNER LIFE determines their outer success.

Source: www[dot]success[dot]com
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Which ONE thing do you need to STOP doing TODAY?


To your success!

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