Sometimes when we are facing a lacklustre week, or even month, we tend to believe that the best way of getting a “pick me up” is to do something new, or buy something new, or meet somebody new.

Yes, that could work.

However, in the pursuit of happiness we tend to ignore what’s right in front of our very eyes. That most often than not, our energies could dramatically increase if only we could attain an overpowering sense of purpose, sense of focus and sense of accomplishment.

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Take Nandi, for example. All of last week he did not turn up to work. Why? The thought of going back to his desk on Monday simply froze him. He couldn’t move. Then, he couldn’t breathe. Within the hour, he was booked in-patient, in hospital, receiving treatment for being “overwhelmed”, “stressed”, “burned out”. This could happen to anyone.

Sometimes, overscheduling your day, and your week, can wreak havoc on your system – your internal organs and your mental health system.

So, why not try this approach?

Answer this: What do I need to delete from my tomorrow, starting today?

Who do I need space away from?

What do I need to stop watching?

What do I need to stop reading?

What do I need to turn off?


Today, perform a miracle.

Add to your life, by subtracting something from it.


The name of the trick?

3 powerful words … 

Addition by subtraction.



Did you enjoy this article? If you are looking to attain a greater sense of purpose, of focus and of accomplishment, it may require doing things differently. Aim for a different year – this or next year. Consider starting your journey today. How? Start by uploading your CV here and we’ll get in touch.

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To your success!
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