This is the 1st part in a 3-part series for you.

Here are the 3 Customer Experience (CX) Factors
a.  Fulfilling customer requirements
b.  Being easy for customers to understand
c.  Being enjoyable for customers to experience

Who is the Customer, when it comes to looking for your next role?

Here is the soundbite:
Your targeted potential employer = Your Customer

Do you have a well-defined CX Strategy for your job search?


# A well written CV will help in the following –

to get you an opportunity to interview
to structure the interview responses
to remind the interviewers about you
to justify why you were hired

Will it work on its own?

Certainly not.
Here are some other things you can do if looking for your next job.


# Talk

It’s amazing how often we want the paper to talk, and not us, literally. It’s a bit like a salesman pushing the brochure into your face, and hoping you’ll sign up pronto! If only it were that easy.

Yet, that’s what you are doing by “sambaza-ing” your CV all over the internet.

Are you speaking to at least 5 different people, on a daily basis?

Try this counter-intuitive strategy

When you talk, do NOT ask for a job.
Here’s the truth, we tend to run away from people who are constantly badgering us with their incessant requests of “Get me a job.”

It will be important to remember the 3 CX factors mentioned above.
a.  Have you met their requirements?
b.  Is it easy for them to understand you?
c.  Is speaking with you an enjoyable experience?


The Big Question

How can you demonstrate to your listener, that you have been proactive?

# Try this job-hunting script 

“I am passionate about ABC
and these are my qualifications 123.
In fact, in my last job, I XYZ’ed (share an impact story).
Isn’t that amazing?
I would love to deliver this value & more in my next role.
Who should I be talking to?”

You want NAMES of people.
That is the primary and only goal of your conversation.

“Can I mention to them, that I spoke with you?”
You want a REFERRAL in order to infer credibility.

If your listener trusts and respects you, and is confident in your ability to express yourself well, they – most times – will give you a resounding YES!


What do you say when you get your 5 minutes with the all-important contact?

Stay tuned and we’ll cover it, in the next newsletter.

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