• Have you been searching for more responsibility at work?
  • How about more recognition?
  • Or do you just need your voice heard?

Well, there is a certain fundamental mindset that negotiation champions have. And, yes, it’s corny and old-school but it doesn’t hurt to –

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.



But before we embark on the few points we have for you, let’s understand what negotiating is, and what it is not.

  • Negotiating is the process of getting to a win-win-win-win outcome. Period. If you are not able to navigate and steer the discourse in such a manner that all parties have won in some way, then you just have not done enough to get into their hearts and minds. Understand this –

People listen best from where their pain resides. Deal with it.

  • Negotiation is NOT a win-lose outcome of any shape or form. This outcome is called war. If someone lost, your newly “negotiated” position will not last. So make the most of it, before the situation changes for the worse.

So coming back to the core – HOW do we get heard amidst all the noise, the politics and the cynicism of daily life? Here are a few seeds you can plant in your good soil this week.

Whether you are in sales, operations, strategy or human resources, very often we get discouraged when we we are told to submit a proposal to defend our request. We toil and labour, produce a marvellous document with well-laid out appendices. Then what do we hear? Especially after all this hard work? That annoying word, “No!”.

Wait just one second, before looking like a deflated balloon. Just one second. It’s time to understand this –

If they do NOT have the ability to say yes, then they do NOT have the ability to say no.


When you hear disagreement in their voice, do not get defensive. Acknowledge what you are hearing and come back to your point. Speaking in a manner that tells the other person they are the most “stupid, non-smart person” on the universe, earns you no points.

Respect gets you points, any day. Take the higher ground. Stay on the higher ground.

Know the value you bring to the table – always. Before, during and after recruitment.

NEVER bad-mouth your boss in front of the people who report to you.

You are simply teaching them to do the same to you. By the way – that is the same reason we never say bad things about our own parents in front of our children.

And, finally –

Be at peace with what you cannot change. Let it go.

With the above points, we hope your week will be productive and that you will operate at optimal levels – delivering above and beyond your own expectations.

In the next article, we shall tackle the 4 Stages of Negotiation.


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