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Now that you have come to the end of the week, it is the perfect time to look back and think about how the week turned out. What wins have you had? What opportunities have you let slip through your fingers?  What have you learnt about yourself? There has never been a better time – than now – to up your game and improve your influencing skills.

Bringing your “A” game to the negotiation table, will help you do this. Quickly.

Let’s dig right in.


Understanding the 4 Stages of Negotiation 


STAGE #1 – Preparation

PREPARATION is a mental game.


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If you come to the negotiation table, with anything other than a peak mental state – you are doomed, my friend.

That said, too much focus is placed on the actual negotiation. It is a fact (anecdotal though it may be) that negotiations are often lost BEFORE the various parties begin negotiating at the table. Indeed, it is critical that – as much as possible – you endeavour to see the full picture.

So how does one prepare?

  1. Pre-boardroom strategising & alliance building
  2. Data collation & interpretation
  3. Keep reference material close by. It will come in handy.
  4. Irreducible minimums – You MUST clearly know your non-negotiables and the COMPROMISE POINTS – these are the ones that you have presented as non-negotiables but which could end up being concessions. (Remember, when you concede, you give in. That is, they will get their way, on that particular point.)
  5. Understand your negotiation objectives and mind-map these onto a one pager. So, set objectives.
  6. Remember, that relationships MUST SURVIVE the negotiation process. Watch your body language (hidden language) and your words (overt language).
  7. Practice, practice, practice. Meet with a close ally and go over the various points, angles, possible concession points, non-negotiables and so on. You will be glad you did.

Other things to bear in mind are … Who are the influencers?  Do you know the perspectives of the other side.  What are their thoughts on the various points?  If you cannot step into the shoes of the “opposing” side, you have already lost half the battle.

image negotiation cartoon

So do your best to PREPARE.

This is the 1st Stage of the Negotiation process.

Next time, we’ll cover the 2nd stage of the Negotiation Process, that is, How to Exchange information.


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