In this day and age where gadgets have become an inescapable part of our lives, we often struggle to stay focussed on the task at hand.


Where is the evidence of rabbit brain?

  • As we scroll the internet, we keep multiple tabs open – not wanting to exit any.
  • If we’re checking email, our eyes barely complete reading the subject before quickly moving to the next email.
  • What about the various incomplete tasks and projects that remain unfinished for no other reason except that we just spent one whole hour finger-scrolling on our beloved smartphone and then another hour aimlessly surfing the net?
  • And how about the common one of endless phone and people interruptions?

Here is the question

How are we ever going to get anything done?
Our brain just jumps from one place to another, behaving like a rabbit.

Use this 1 elephant tip to regain FOCUS and begin to get things done

Know your elephants and feed them

Fact is, that sometimes we engage in self-sabotage by procrastinating the things we know we ought to do. This negatively impacts our productivity resulting in self-resentment, self-loathing and a level of apathy that may result in reduced self-confidence; a necessary ingredient for being happy in life.

Why bother?

Fuschia Sirois, a psychological scientist at Bishop’s University in Quebec, found that chronic procrastination increases one’s vulnerability to hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

How to reign in this rabbit

Here is what you can do starting today –
a. Draw up your Personal Procrastination Hitlist

WDS writing out your pending tasks b

Get out your journal or a piece of A4 paper and list down every item or task that you have pending, incomplete or in progress. Really empty out your brain onto paper. Worth noting here, is that writing by hand is more effective than tapping out the items on your iPad or laptop. What we want to develop is a “home” where our “pending thoughts” can reside, as we go about our daily lives – freeing up mental energy for the task at hand.

b. Face reality
Acknowledge the fact that at any one time, we each have about 150 pending tasks. Take a breath and smile, knowing that your list is probably shorter than one hundred and fifty items.

c. Ruthlessly decide
Finally, pick 5 items from the list that you can complete this year and act on 1 per month. Mix up the items so that they incorporate Family, Faith, Finances and your Future.

These are your elephants.
Now feed them – by focussing on them, each in turn.


Here is a funny video that you can also watch to understand how the procrastinator’s brain works.


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