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NEW! CV Upgrade

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You’ve been talking and we’ve been listening!

We have now made room for those who, perhaps have been on other Career Coaching programs, and want to simply get a CV Upgrade.


Who needs a CV upgrade?

Employees, Business Consultants, Self-employed entrepreneurs bidding for business, Applicants for tenders, Members of professional associations, Retrenched staff



What is a CV upgrade?

It is YOU, on paper!

A well written document that encapsulates your several years’ progressive experience.

It tells exactly how you have grown over the years, becoming a valuable asset to your current employer and future employer/ business partner.

It is a must-have selling tool, for anyone going places.


image of NEW icon  What will you also receive?

* We will also prepare a 1-pager Professional Bio to provide quick, compact reading to anyone who wants to be impressed by you in a hurry!  And, what’s more, we’ll also prepare it such that anyone browsing your LinkedIn profile can download it. This addition to LinkedIn is completely FREE. (*Terms & Conditions apply.)

It’s definitely an impressive 2-in-1 service.

Click here to send a message
Subject: “I want a CV Upgrade.”
And we’ll do the rest!

You see, here’s the truth …

Of the large number of CV’s we receive for those targeting incomes exceeding 250,000/= to 550,000/= per month and above, a majority fail to effectively communicate what the person has excelled in doing and, more importantly, what they would like to do – moving forward.

Here’s the secret…

A well done CV tells us how you have become a BETTER PERSON and articulates your VISION in life. Your goal is to win the MVP award, right at this initial stage. (MVP: Most Valuable Player)

Your future employer or business partner needs to get a quick sense of whether you have adequate relevant & demonstrable experience that will benefit them. Presenting this information – with focus & clarity – is our expertise.

A list of tasks. A list of career stops. Just will not do it.

image WDS Africa - A new season of life

Do you want …

  • Better work?
  • Better paying clients?
  • Greater internal confidence?
  • A significantly higher salary?
  • A NEW JOB, having been laid off?

Then consider getting your CV Upgrade.


How much will it cost?

If we cannot provide what you’re looking for, it will cost you nothing. If we can, we’ll take a look at your current CV, first, before advising the way forward.

This is our “no surprises” policy – allowing you to make an informed decision every step of the way.

Let’s shake hands on that.

image of handshake full

How long will it take?

Depending on your feedback, we usually take 7 – 14 working days.

You will receive confirmation of the expected duration before we start work.


Are you bonafide?


At WDS Africa, we have been discreetly serving senior managers over the past years, and our mission is to help our Clients achieve more, with what they already have.  We also hold regular seminars to ensure we put a face to our name.

Formal education is good.

Investment in self through your CV Upgrade Program is even better as it leads to increased self-confidence & awareness of your worth in today’s marketplace.


The bottom-line …

A BETTER YOU is what every career advisory experience should lead to.

A better you, leads to more effective selling and negotiation skills.

This, inadvertently, leads to BETTER PAY.


Ready for more?

Click here to send a message
Subject: “I want a CV Upgrade.”
And we’ll do the rest


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