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We are delighted with the enthusiastic response you’ve all shown! And, yes, we are only human – so we are constrained by time and space as we are not able to reach each one of you individually. Though, we would love to.

This is the page where we place all our notices/ holding responses … as we work our way to you.

You are important. We value you.

And we look forward to meeting each one of you.



image of forum blue icon   Attend the upcoming WDS Africa Careers Seminar

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Payment details

Normal registration = 4,500/=pp
Early Bird = 3,500/=pp (Simply send 1,500/=pp only  to M-Pesa BUY GOODS No.891045 by Tuesday 30/06/2015 – note the date)

We look forward to hosting you!

To your success!



image of birds whispering NOTICE #8 – MOVING FROM CORPORATE TO NGO

image of forum blue icon   Attend the upcoming WDS Africa Careers Seminar

WDS Africa_Corporate to NGO Seminar_Group Seminar

Payment details

Send 1,000/=pp  to M-Pesa BUY GOODS No.891045 when you book.

Pay the group balance later as advised. We look forward to hosting you!


To your success!


image of birds whispering NOTICE #7 – CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS ROLE at a well funded NGO (NAIROBI)

WDS Africa Job Vacancy Notice – Send by Friday 2nd January, 2015

Application Instructions

Interested candidates should email application letters and CVs (with 3 referees) in a MS Word document (no jpgs, pdfs, please) addressed towdsafrica@gmail.com to be received by Friday 2nd January, 2015. The emailSubject Line to be CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER. The organisation is an equal-opportunity employer.

All pre-shortlisted candidates will be requested to execute the WDS Africa Employment Search Agreement. We are keen on connecting you with a suitable role this year. All the best!

Click here to review the vacancy details

To your success!


image of birds whispering NOTICE #6 – AMAZING WDS AFRICA Open Day

The WDS Africa OPEN DAY went down at Waridi Paradise on Wednesday 10th December, 2014. Guests were able to actively participate in the 5 strategies for their 2015 Career Game Plan. They learnt how to be proactive, assertive, purposed and clear. In attendance were employees and business people.

Multinationals, Banks, Telcos, FMCG, IT, NGO sectors were well represented. The networking after the event was phenomenal – great conversations blended with the delicious bhajias, samosas, fruits, juice and the mandatory caffeine shot from Kenyan tea and coffee.

Did we mention the conversation?! Guests stayed longer than even they anticipated. To each of you who made it, may your journey be blessed. And we look forward to connecting with you, at your right time.

image of forum blue icon   Attend the REPEAT session – WDS Africa OPEN DAY @ Wed 11th February, 2015

To your success!


image of birds whispering NOTICE #5 – NEEDED URGENTLY

Hello. WANTED – CEO with Masters & proven entrepreneurial experience, for new online social venture project, for an international dev. org. You will report to Board. Collaborative work style desired. Quality CVs in MS WORD to wdsafrica@gmail.com ONLY by latest Wed 3rd Dec, 2014.

No pdfs, jpegs please.

Subject: CEO FOR NEW 2015 PROJECT.

Strictly NO CANVASSING. Shortlisted candidates will be subject to WDS AFRICA recruitment terms.



The CEO will drive the prove phase focusing on:
 Ensuring timely and fiscally responsible management of the company
 Supervising business implementation and providing the necessary technical and administrative support to spin-off and scale
 Proving out the financial mechanics of the business model for additional products and services
 Scaling to a minimum of 10,000 clients with satisfaction rates above 95%
 Proving social impact on tasker incomes with clear metrics
 Build and create a strong pipeline for continued growth beyond 10,000 to enable team to secure seed funding for continued growth
 Planning and execution continually refining business model and plan based on learnings
 Revise business plan/venture capital pitch based on lessons
 Define list of potential funders for investment in business
 Build pitch decks and present to Social Venture Fund and outside funders for seed capital for Scaling Phase
 Provide regular progress reports to the Board and Social Ventures Team
 Entrepreneur with provensuccess recruiting and cultivating talent at the board and staff level
 Previous experience as a startup-CEO is desirable
 Must be able & willing to work for salary as equity is not an option in this particular business
 Demonstrated success and belief in using technology to drive social outcomes
 Strong, metrics-driven approach to organizational management
 Previous experience managing a software development team a plus
 Strong experience with marketing and/or sales.
 Adequate experience and knowledge of corporate financing including fundraising capital to propel and sustain growth
 Ideally have experience and coming from the e-commerce industry and should have experience promoting conventional and digital advertising technology.
 Adjust the operational and strategic plans accordingly in building the company’s brand, developments in the industry and with possible current and emerging competitors.
 Highly collaborative work style that tends toward lifting up teammates instead of self-promotion 
 MBA, MPP or other advanced degree highly desirable
To your success!


image of birds whispering NOTICE #4 – SCHEDULED ONLINE APPOINTMENTS

We thank you for the scheduled appointments a number of you have made, and continue to make. At the rate of over 200 requests per day, we have not been able to connect with each of you.  Kindly receive this communique as a holding response, as we work through the requests. For those of you in Nairobi, we invite you to connect with us at any of our open forums. Keep checking this page, for news updates!

Updated 24th November: Next forum is scheduled for Wed 10th December, 2014. Early Bird rates end Fri 5th December. See details here.


image of birds whispering NOTICE #3 – SENT YOUR CV?  ACCOUNTANCY ROLE

We thank you for the overwhelming response received In October/November on the accountancy role that was open. Please note that we are no longer accepting CVs in this regard.  However, should you wish your CV to be considered for future roles, upload your CV here. (Note: Due to the volume of correspondence, we do not individually correspond with each applicant.)


image of birds whispering NOTICE #2 – WDS AFRICA OPEN DAY


Theme: How do I re-invent myself in 2015?

Register for the WDS AFRICA Open Day where we connect with you as you get to meet with us and see how we can help you move into your new season. Do more with what you already have.

Date: Wed 11th February, 2015

Time: 5.00 PM – 7.00 PM

Venue: Waridi Paradise, Kilimani

Interested? JOIN US.

Pay now or schedule a reminder today – do something. Strictly no payment at the door. Refreshments will be served.


image of birds whispering NOTICE #1 – WHAT’S ANNOYING YOU

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