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Inside the mind of a procrastinator (Ted Talk) (14 mins)

WDS Procrastination video Resources

Every so often, we trawl the web to bring you exciting resources to accompany you on your journey, into your new season.

Whether you are staying in your current role and simply want to increase your productivity. Whether you are planning to launch into a greater role within the community or your industry. The resources here will help you, and give you the edge you need – as you launch yourself forward. (Copyright note: The resources belong to their respective owners.)



Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence (and why attention is a muscle) – By Daniel Goleman, the author of “Emotional Intelligence”. Learn 3 ways on how to build rapport, the Myth of 10,000 hours and much, much more

Get the book here on Amazon

Or watch the video here (1:18:17)



A well educated vs a well formed mind  (and the challenge for why we feel this need to continually “get papers”) – from a Government official with great oratory skills. (14 mins)


Creative job search (Accessing the hidden market) (46 mins)


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