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Give us an egg and oil, and we will give you a fried egg.

Give us an egg, oil and flour, and the options for moving forward increase.

It’s time to look beyond your CV and identify your Strengths. This will help us develop your unique Strengths Language should you choose to embark on one of our programs. That said, your report will make our face-to-face meet up a lot more relevant and impactful.


Before meeting up face-to-face or signing the WDS Africa Recruitment Contract, we encourage you to take the Leadership Potential Indicator assessment below. Once you have your 10+ page report (which is yours to keep for life), your appointment slot will be advised within 3 working days.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing where the conversation leads.

Welcome to your new season.

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What are you great at?

Develop your Strengths Language today.

Start with any of the assessments below. Our most popular is the Leadership Potential Indicator assessment that many of our Clients have then used to develop their CV into a richer and more authentic reflection of who they are, and the value they bring to their organisation.

Let’s get started

Step 1. Fill the Request Form below

Step 2. The rates shall be sent to your inbox

Step 3. Pay for the assessment you would like to take

Step 4. Within 4 hours, you will receive the link

Step 5. Answer the questions asked

That’s it!

Once we send you the link, simply take 15-20 minutes to answer the simple questions. Hit “submit”. You will receive your individual detailed 10+ page report with a BONUS self-development report giving you concrete tips on how to strengthen your strong areas & work on the weaker ones.

Extremely great value for money!

View the request form online here