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We look forward to working with you.

Upload your CV here and let’s begin the conversation.


What we’ll do once you upload your CV

1. We’ll acknowledge receipt.

2. We’ll glance it over & retain it in our database.

3. We’ll review the professional & complete manner in which you filled the online form. Be as detailed as possible.

4. We’ll arrange a COMPLIMENTARY preliminary call with you + agree on how to proceed.

5. We’ll send you useful information once in awhile (not weekly) which is highly actionable.

What we will not do

1. We’ll not spam you with unwanted texts, calls or emails.

2. We’ll not treat you like an impersonal number. You matter to us. So expect us to connect.

   image of thumbs up blue line  What we encourage you to do

1. Upload your CV here

2. Follow this blog – this way, you receive any new posts that come online, straight to your inbox.

3. Decide what it is that you want (or don’t want) in your working life, going forward.

4. Register for your online assessment so that we get to see the strengths that you have in this season.

5. Attend our events and make the most of meeting us, your future colleagues and other professionals looking for more, this year.

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We prefer to work with Clients who would like to address more than simply the PAPER. You see, your CV can be re-written at any cyber cafe in our blessed land. We are interested in working with you, if you are ready to ensure the PAPER represents the PERSON authentically, and in a manner that is most meaningful to your targeted employer or career partner. We are not experts in shortcuts. We are professionals. And we believe it is vital to take a PAUSE in your life, to review who you are at this point, as you prepare to launch forward. Indeed, we look forward to working with you.

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To your success!

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