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Do more this year!

This year is freshly upon us and it’s clear you want more. Let’s chat for a moment.

Have you ever wondered –

Why is it that some employees are often guaranteed to have a significantly higher quality of life in all respects, than their fellow workers?

Are you ready for success WITHIN & BEYOND your current employer?

Is your career heading in the right direction?

Are you representing yourself authentically?

What’s missing?

If you have been applying for jobs in several places, with no tangible results – then our programs were designed for you.  If you feel stuck in a rut, wondering whether this is all you were ever meant to do – then it’s time for change.

It may be time to make time in your every busy life, to learn how to best express how you can be of value to your current or future employer, in a manner that enables you to get the job you deserve.

It may be time to do something different, in order to go where you need to be.

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At WDS Africa, we work with selected CEOs and senior managers who feel stuck in a rut, and know that there is more to their life than what they are currently doing.

If you would like to do more, schedule time to connect and let’s work together to move you, not just your career, forward.

Interested? Let us know you need a solution now

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At WDS Africa we believe that wealth and health can be achieved through the vast unexplored diamond mine of the self.

image of cute baby facePositive self image, self esteem, self control, self
determination, self discipline, self examination,
and self expression eventually leads to improved
and enhanced self reliance, self respect, self
sacrifice, self sufficiency and, subsequently, self
worth. Self worth emanates from an individual’s
understanding of his or her value.

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Tired of cold service?

We keep it real.

Enjoy this FREE article

Is your job killing you?

What’s the problem?

You feel unappreciated.
Your appraisal left you feeling low.
Your in-tray keeps growing by the day.
And let’s not even start talking about your inbox!

Enough said.

Here are 3 Smart Things you must do,
to begin enjoying work again.

1.  The Power of 2

What 2 things must you accomplish today?

Decide what they are.
Then do them, starting with the tiresome one first.

2.  Take your breaks

If you are working flat out,
no wonder you are so stressed out.

Take a walk.  Stretch.  Go wash your face.
Take a soothing 15-minute nap in the boardroom.

Whatever you do, do not work during your breaks.
Rejuvenate.  Recharge.

3.  Increase your laughter quotient

It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine.

Find something to smile about, genuinely.
Better still, laugh … and laugh out loud.

Happy hormones will flood your internal
system and take you to a place of rest.

We look forward to being of service.

To your success!

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Let us know what you hope for, this year

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