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Integrity  >  Relevance  >  Continuous improvement

A goal is a dream
with a deadline.”

John L. Mason,
Author of “An Enemy Called Average”

Our clients are employees, corporate clients and investment groups in the following sectors:

  • image of button for powerNon-Governmental Organizations (NGOs),
  • Youth Organizations
  • Government of Kenya
    Ministry Departments
  • Private Sector, such as
  • (Banking, Oil, Insurance, ICT,
    Telecommunicatios, Horticulture,
    Pharmaceuticals, Sports, Education sectors)

ignite your dreams!

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How are sessions conducted?

WDS Africa is cognizant that learning can take place individually or in groups. Depending on client needs through a needs assessment, WDS Africa provides in-house services, conducts groups’ trainings, conducts one-on-one advisory sessions and in other instances provides email based support. However, it is imperative to note that for each client, a composite of relevant areas of training are recommended from which training selection is then made.

“People are born originals, but most die copies.”
John L. Mason

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What can we expect during the training?


A wide variety of training and presentation methods may be used, such as,

• One-on-One sessions
• Public lectures
• Lunchtime Corporate Talks
• Away Day Experiential Learning

• Hotel Based Interactive Participatory Techniques

“Anyone who stops learning is old,
whether at 40 or 80.
Anyone who keeps learning
stays young.”
Henry Ford

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We also conduct Focus Group Facilitated Discussions that are excellent for tackling deep-rooted workplace concerns. Clients are also consulted on other alternative training and learning methodologies that they may want included in the sessions.

Each contact session is planned to ensure that the individual is well-equipped to navigate through life more knowledgeable than before.

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